1984, the Novel You Did Not Understand

Here’s the secret of 1984: the members of the Party are like kept children, unable or unwilling to self-authorize, desperate for emancipation from self-accountability and development of the independent judgment, and painful, painful, dreadful freedom. The people out in the towns? The ones who are thought by Winston to be hopelessly miserable and simple? They are free. It’s the need for acceptance, and the inability to self-authorize that keeps the members of the Party in their self-imposed exile. Every humiliation, every indignity, every scandalous lie they tell themselves, one another, and whomever reads the articles that Winston must edit, is a self-inflicted wound.

The Party is the Corporation.

Every individual who craves – needs – the approval of others so strongly, from early on, jumping through hoops and demonstrating their loyalty and obedience to an abstract social authority epitomized and embodied by Big Brother, belongs to the Party. Upwards they climb, rising up through a dominance hierarchy, oriented as slaves toward a master, sacrificing for the day when they may be a master, themselves. The shape of the unliberated mind made manifest.

So, the joke’s on everyone who thinks that Winston is the Hero. He’s merely the protagonist. The hero is the party official who breaks him, and sets him free. Who shows him his own shadow self. “Her! Do it to her!” In the end, Winston realizes that he loves the Party. Why? Because it set him free.

The point is easily illustrated by a thought experiment. Let’s imagine that every status symbol you ever bought was not available to you. Let’s imagine that all of us had exactly the same income. Now, imagine that individuals could still vie and compete for rank, but the only visible marker of your accomplishments were literally pennants and banners, pins, and flags. Driving through the neighborhoods then, where all houses are more or less the same size, you notice that some of them have a few flags and pennants, and some of them are just ridiculously festooned with them. The overwhelming gaudiness of the display would make clear the bottomless need for approval that is behind it, and we would not look upon that house with admiration so much as pity. Pity for the depth of insecurity made manifest. This is what it means first to even want to be a member of the Party, and to the degree that you’d climb within it, and in the climbing, take on more responsibility for bigger and bigger lies and callous deeds to others, the poverty of such insecurity is made manifest.

Hey, Penn & Teller! I call bullshit.

“The People” is a collective term. I don’t need to rely on that comma to tell you that the interpretation that the 2A is for the purpose of arming the citizens against the state is batshit. The state had no militia, and would not, for some long while after this was written. The militia, as it is used here, is a military force, yes, consisting of citizens – but what did they need a militia for, back then? Hmm? To quell rebellions, you fucking morons. The American Revolution was the solution, and it is ongoing. The way you fight tyranny is to keep the revolution alive, and that revolution is self-governance. So long as the elections are free and fair, there is no justification for fighting the government. Stick to magic, you fucking hacks.

When the elections are no longer free and fair, the law enforcement and military in this country will have the weapons and the duty to cull the civilians whose britches have gotten too big. “B-b-b-but what if they all turn on us, too?” Well, then you are fucked. And your AR-15 or AK-47 ain’t gonna do you no good, anyway, dummy.

Sorry, I feel like I have to speakie the language. Anyway, this is the thing the SCOTUS is terrified to say. It’s one of the Noble Lies of Omission. They could have cleared this up but have not. Because it’s hard. Now. Do you believe in the Noble Lie, here? Or do you think SCOTUS should come clean? If they just put their balls on, and explain this, then gun control becomes a hell of a lot more manageable, instantly. Think hard, bitches. Noble Lie or no?

Here’s where the liberal avoidance of conflict runs smack into itself. It took people willing to face conflict to establish this country and its constitution in the first place. Those people now fix your cars and build your houses, while you look down on them and their immature populism. Heh. If you actually want more gun control, you are going to have to fight for it. Not in the streets, or in your social media feeds, but in the courtrooms. And if you don’t begin there, as far as I can tell, you just want to exhaust yourself, going through motions that are guaranteed not to work, so that you can tell yourself and your peers that you did something.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show begins with the angelus and ends with gnosticism. Just as three times three counts the number of months of gestation of Christ, the master awakens after refuting or denying and rejecting the demiurge three times.

Good afternoon.
Good evening, and
Good night.

Deep culture is all around you. Whether or not you see it is up to you.

Luke 17:21

We’re All Doomed, and We Can Hardly Wait

If the Coming Environmental Apocalypse! continues to underwhelm and be met with “Meh,” I think the social engineers are going to have to start talking about near-Earth objects, and begin discovering objects that are going to be Coming Right At Us!, and that might work for a short time, but they will have to set a short window and then deal with the resulting let-down when it just misses us, or set a longer window of time until arrival and then suffer an even bigger loss of interest when it also fails to smash us. After that, there’s just aliens – good ones, bad ones, neutral ones… until that, too, is nothing special. After that? Nothing. Nothing but the truth after that, which includes catching up on human attrition in a big way.

As the Prophet (just a guy I know on Google+) said, “Humanity is stalled right now,” and we know why. The metanarratives are dead. We invent narrative glosses to cover brutal, low-level truths, but now, the lies we told ourselves are growing just as miserable and untenable as the truths they were meant to conceal from our attention. When the truth is no good, and the lie is no good, there is nothing but waiting for some outside agency to force a new story upon us. And we’ll pretend to hate it even as we lap it up. A person locked in solitary confinement would relish the chance to interact with people, even if that interaction was all pain and brutality, because our brains require the stimulation. So, we’ll eventually find an excuse to create more drama locally, if we can’t get it from god, asteroids, rising sea levels, or space brothers. And that drama will be about sex and death, naturally. Which means race, immigration, etc. We can buy more time locally by projecting our animus outward to other nations, and if other nations are facing the same internal pressures (they are), they will gladly reciprocate, as we project our young males out to our perimeters, and they project their young males out to their perimeters, and where the perimeters meet becomes a big dumping ground for excess troublemakers (young males).

I don’t have an answer. I’m sure something will come along, eventually, it’s just that this brings no comfort, either, given our history. Our societies have evolved to be based upon war. When it doesn’t look like war, it’s only because we can extend abstractions out. Sports, business, etc. But it’s always war, at the bottom. That’s why we bury the truth. In the absence of a grand, shared lie, or metanarrative, the truth is bound to come bubbling up to the surface. Either at home or yonder. But like that prisoner in solitary confinement, I think our species will breathe a sigh of relief when it comes. And that is the scariest part of all. This is what we are, beneath all of our pretty lies.

Cave art suggests Neandertals were ancient humans’ mental equals

“Neandertals drew on cave walls and made personal ornaments long before encountering Homo sapiens, two new studies find. These discoveries paint bulky, jut-jawed Neandertals as the mental equals of ancient humans, scientists say.”

Well, depends on what you mean by “equals”. Neanderthals probably didn’t have the same kind of humor, and almost certainly would not have understood complex wordplay – stuff that we lean on our forebrains to help us with. On the other hand, there’s a good chance they had a much more powerful visual cortex and perhaps eidetic memory, which would help them to survive in the winter wastelands of Europe and Asia during glaciation.

In fact, my theory is that the origins of astrotheology come from the pairing of a newfound verbal, metaphor-based faculty of transmission coupled with the eidetic memory of star patterns, used for navigation by Neanderthals. The hybrids, no longer able to pull off the eidetic feats of their ancestors, encoded the knowledge into storylines. Just my speculation.


To the person who was curious about Magick

Let me give you an example of Magick. Let’s take Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing was developed in a program of psychological enhancement for military personnel. It was supposed to be an answer to the Russians, who were thought to be training psychic spies who could see or even manipulate things from a distance. At least, this is what the officers in Naval Intelligence told congress, in order to obtain funding.

Scientologists were the original developers of the techniques, with funding from Uncle Sam, at SRI, but go back further, and you learn that Scientology stole it’s good stuff from Crowley and his cohort. Magick. So, how does it work?

In Remote Viewing, a person is told they can see across space and time, without any fancy mental tricks or any special preparations. Very, very attractive – to a certain kind of mind. All a person must do is sit down and begin writing down sense impressions that are, presumably, being pulled from the ether. Ah, but wait! The first thing a person will do is begin applying what the RV instructors call analytic overlay to the incoming information. This means a person’s natural inclination is to lump together discrete sensory data into a gestalt, or a narrative. This is the rational mind, the instructors tell you, forcing a story or meaning onto the data, and this leads to failure to accurately see the remote target for what it is.

To overcome this natural inclination, Remote Viewing is typically done with a viewer and a tasker. The viewer learns to write down sensory data as it comes in, and ignore the rational mind, while the tasker gives the viewer cues and watches over the process, making sure they avoid analytic overlay. The tasker, or someone else, may put the data together into a meaningful whole, later.

So how is this magick?

Welp, the person who is attracted to RV, and who believes it is possible, is in need of a specific kind of education. The attraction of RV is in its offer of a back door to power or knowledge. If a person is looking for a shortcut to knowledge, they do not yet understand the world in a very sophisticated way, or else it is too unsatisfying to maintain a proper understanding for unexamined, underlying reasons. What a viewer is actually learning to do is to separate analysis from feelings, which is a very difficult and very necessary thing for people to learn in order to achieve basic competence. It doesn’t happen right away, but to the degree they are hungry for knowledge and power, they have motivation to keep practicing, and the viewer thinks they are learning one skill, when in fact they are learning another. To graduate fully from Remote Viewing is to give up belief in psychic powers.

That’s one way that Magick works. t’s nothing more or less than sneaky, anti-Apollonian pedagogy. Because it is sneaky, it is prone to bastardization and corruption. It does not produce results to a sufficient degree to justify the costs of maintaining the lie. In order to justify the costs of Magick, you have to turn it into a cult and franchise it. You have to develop the same rationale that gurus in India use. You will fool more people than you will enlighten, and then you will employ a justification for it. Another lie. Usually to the tune of:

A person already knows, on some level, that I am scamming him, ergo, he is allowing it.

Any Magick that doesn’t actually do something like this is just a social club for flakes who like to wear robes, burn candles, and make out, under a self-aggrandizing pretext. Hardly fucking enlightened, although it might be fun.

Charlie Hunter – No Money No Honey

From the upcoming album "Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth" by Charlie Hunter. Album available worldwide on now!

Digital: http://smarturl.it/HunterEverybody_iTu
Physical: http://store.groundupmusic.net/produc…
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/HunterEverybody_Amz

Charlie Hunter: 7-String Guitar
Bobby Previte: Drums
Curtis Fowlkes: Trombone
Kirk Knuffke: Cornet


Rage Against The Machine – First Public Performance Full Concert (HQ)

Rage Against The Machine
First Public Performance
Cal State North Ridge,Ca (October 23,1991)
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment,
news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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Killing In The Name
(02:21) Take The Power Back
(08:55) Auto Logic
(13:09) Bullet In The Head
(18:57) Hit The Deck
(23:24) Township Rebellion
(28:57) Darkness Of Greed
(32:56) Clear The Lane
(37:16) Clampdown
(41:05) Know Your Enemy
(46:08) Freedom

Sonic Youth – The Sprawl (Live In-Studio 2007)

To the extent that I wear skirts
And cheap nylon slips
I've gone native
I wanted to know the exact dimensions of hell
Does this sound simple
Fuck you
Are you for sale
Does "fuck you" sound simple enough
This was the only part that turned me on
But he was candy all over

Come on down to the store
You can buy some more
More, more, more

I grew up in a shotgun row
Sliding down the hill
Out front were the big machines
Steel and rusty now, I guess
Out back was the river
And that big sign down the road
That's where it all started

Come on down to the store
You can buy some more
More, more, more

JackTrip – A System for High-Quality Audio Network Performance over the Internet

JackTrip supports bidirectional, high quality, uncompressed audio steaming with any number of channels. JackTrip is a command line program that works with the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

Instructions and Downloads

JackTrip is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows and the different versions can connect to any of the others.

The JackTrip source code is hosted on GitHub.