I’m currently embarked on a serious commitment to build a fully open source, network-based radio station platform, as per my previous article. I have personally benefited from radio programming in the past, and I have drawn upon personal experience to enumerate a few of many ways that network broadcasting technology could be paired with the right needs or opportunities.


The Community Swap-Shop

In this scenario, a web host allows callers to describe on-air the items they want to get rid of or the items they need, and the host then takes their contact information off the air. Responders can get the contact information by providing confirming ID, like a self-registered online account using email confirmation. Everything is logged, all users are logged, for fraud prevention and forensics. This could also be accompanied with full website integration, allowing callers in to actually show their items for sale.


Community Emergency Broadcasting

The Red Cross and FEMA, among others, have programs for emergency messaging. One easily imagines a blend of programming that includes streams for local scanners and emergency broadcasts.


Special-Interest Programming for Clubs and Networks

Gaming comes to mind.


Open-Mic Community Programming

Highlighting local musical and oratorial talent.


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Why would anyone ever use an open source network radio station?

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