Personalities come and they go, despite my protestations. Hero worship is a thing that we’ll simply not be shed of, which means that people like me will always be slightly resentful of you who need heroes to an unexamined degree.

But as these things go, Dr. Peterson is actually impressive. He’s very articulate, and his singular talent seems to be in articulating the postmodern condition in a tendentious manner, as though there were someone to blame for it. There is no one to blame for it. Okay, Derrida, and Foucault, but hell, Nietzsche can’t get a pass, either. Much less Diogenes.

Here is the problem restated concisely in a way that Peterson hasn’t yet said explicitly: no one can publicly claim a particular ontology of being to be the true ontology of being and have the endorsement of the academy. That’s it. We are in a place where any proposition in that area will have to be hidden, and assumed, and deeply nested inside something else. The academy cannot recognize myth or ideology as true in any sense that means “true”.

Dr. Peterson is as impotent as everyone else in the face of this reality, however, it’s not a bad position in which to be, since no one is to stop you from privately exercising your own judgment, as no one can stop Dr. Peterson from exercising his own judgment. This is positive incentive to be an individual and to educate one’s own judgment, continually.

You simply are the final judge of what is right or wrong, good or bad in the world, anywhere, in your own judgment. This is true for everyone. It is a condition that many have fought and died to achieve, and likewise many strive forcefully to abdicate and be shed of it, and that typically on a subconscious level.

Dr. Peterson is a PhD. He is an academic. He is caught in the same regime the rest of us in the West enjoy. He will soon reached the limit of his 15 minutes, when everyone realizes that he doesn’t have the answers, and that he is framing things in a way (honestly) that is going to eventually gore everyone’s ox, and his popularity will have reached an end.

I hope he steps out gracefully, at that point, having delivered the thought bomb.

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Jordan Peterson PhD is totally interesting and has no answers

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