To the person who was curious about Magick

Let me give you an example of Magick. Let’s take Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing was developed in a program of psychological enhancement for military personnel. It was supposed to be an answer to the Russians, who were thought to be training psychic spies who could see or even manipulate things from a distance. At least, this is what the officers in Naval Intelligence told congress, in order to obtain funding.

Scientologists were the original developers of the techniques, with funding from Uncle Sam, at SRI, but go back further, and you learn that Scientology stole it’s good stuff from Crowley and his cohort. Magick. So, how does it work?

In Remote Viewing, a person is told they can see across space and time, without any fancy mental tricks or any special preparations. Very, very attractive – to a certain kind of mind. All a person must do is sit down and begin writing down sense impressions that are, presumably, being pulled from the ether. Ah, but wait! The first thing a person will do is begin applying what the RV instructors call analytic overlay to the incoming information. This means a person’s natural inclination is to lump together discrete sensory data into a gestalt, or a narrative. This is the rational mind, the instructors tell you, forcing a story or meaning onto the data, and this leads to failure to accurately see the remote target for what it is.

To overcome this natural inclination, Remote Viewing is typically done with a viewer and a tasker. The viewer learns to write down sensory data as it comes in, and ignore the rational mind, while the tasker gives the viewer cues and watches over the process, making sure they avoid analytic overlay. The tasker, or someone else, may put the data together into a meaningful whole, later.

So how is this magick?

Welp, the person who is attracted to RV, and who believes it is possible, is in need of a specific kind of education. The attraction of RV is in its offer of a back door to power or knowledge. If a person is looking for a shortcut to knowledge, they do not yet understand the world in a very sophisticated way, or else it is too unsatisfying to maintain a proper understanding for unexamined, underlying reasons. What a viewer is actually learning to do is to separate analysis from feelings, which is a very difficult and very necessary thing for people to learn in order to achieve basic competence. It doesn’t happen right away, but to the degree they are hungry for knowledge and power, they have motivation to keep practicing, and the viewer thinks they are learning one skill, when in fact they are learning another. To graduate fully from Remote Viewing is to give up belief in psychic powers.

That’s one way that Magick works. t’s nothing more or less than sneaky, anti-Apollonian pedagogy. Because it is sneaky, it is prone to bastardization and corruption. It does not produce results to a sufficient degree to justify the costs of maintaining the lie. In order to justify the costs of Magick, you have to turn it into a cult and franchise it. You have to develop the same rationale that gurus in India use. You will fool more people than you will enlighten, and then you will employ a justification for it. Another lie. Usually to the tune of:

A person already knows, on some level, that I am scamming him, ergo, he is allowing it.

Any Magick that doesn’t actually do something like this is just a social club for flakes who like to wear robes, burn candles, and make out, under a self-aggrandizing pretext. Hardly fucking enlightened, although it might be fun.


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