Hey, Penn & Teller! I call bullshit.

“The People” is a collective term. I don’t need to rely on that comma to tell you that the interpretation that the 2A is for the purpose of arming the citizens against the state is batshit. The state had no militia, and would not, for some long while after this was written. The militia, as it is used here, is a military force, yes, consisting of citizens – but what did they need a militia for, back then? Hmm? To quell rebellions, you fucking morons. The American Revolution was the solution, and it is ongoing. The way you fight tyranny is to keep the revolution alive, and that revolution is self-governance. So long as the elections are free and fair, there is no justification for fighting the government. Stick to magic, you fucking hacks.

When the elections are no longer free and fair, the law enforcement and military in this country will have the weapons and the duty to cull the civilians whose britches have gotten too big. “B-b-b-but what if they all turn on us, too?” Well, then you are fucked. And your AR-15 or AK-47 ain’t gonna do you no good, anyway, dummy.

Sorry, I feel like I have to speakie the language. Anyway, this is the thing the SCOTUS is terrified to say. It’s one of the Noble Lies of Omission. They could have cleared this up but have not. Because it’s hard. Now. Do you believe in the Noble Lie, here? Or do you think SCOTUS should come clean? If they just put their balls on, and explain this, then gun control becomes a hell of a lot more manageable, instantly. Think hard, bitches. Noble Lie or no?

Here’s where the liberal avoidance of conflict runs smack into itself. It took people willing to face conflict to establish this country and its constitution in the first place. Those people now fix your cars and build your houses, while you look down on them and their immature populism. Heh. If you actually want more gun control, you are going to have to fight for it. Not in the streets, or in your social media feeds, but in the courtrooms. And if you don’t begin there, as far as I can tell, you just want to exhaust yourself, going through motions that are guaranteed not to work, so that you can tell yourself and your peers that you did something.


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