I hereby announceth the coming of tutorials

How to Not Fuck Up So Much is a speculative work in incubation. Meanwhile, I tease and titillate you with ideas for tutorials like the following, which shall be forthcoming in the year ahead:

  • How to Install and Configure UbuntuStudio 18.04
  • How to Setup QjackCtl and Ardour as the Backbone of Your Linux DAW
  • How to Configure and Deploy PoE Outdoor Security Cameras Using Motion and VLC to Secure Your Home
  • How to Install and Configure the Icecast Media Server for Decentralized and Poly-Hierarchical Syndication

And of course I want to promote my own stuff and continue pissing and moaning, but maybe I might give back a little bit, too. You’ll notice there are no ads, here. I’m thinking that writing up a few tutorials will be cathartic for me, fuck you. Read them. Don’t. Your loss.