I read the ‘PHP is fractally bad’ article, and it’s crap, of course.

Look, that article is just a subset of the larger problem of abstraction sickness. When abstractions become not only the cudgels of power that they have evolved to be for us to do battle with other people, but also alienated things with their own authority apart from the will of their host, then they are problematic. Try telling people who make $100k and better a year on PHP-based systems that PHP is horrifyingly bad. Try telling the people who use and find what they seek in said systems that they are stupid for being satisfied. No, it’s the know-it-all CS student who is great at abstract thought and ignorant about his own mind and its foibles in the face of alienated abstractions who puts first things like having all the tools he’s read about associated with this or that paradigm of programming. The person who is focused on solving real problems in any domain apart from computer science is not going to share the same priorities. As the house painter who taught himself how to program using PHP (yeah, I said “program”), I have seen and written sloppy code that just happened to work well enough for my purpose. But then I fucked around and taught myself C++ and OOP and functional programming, too, and I am telling you, for sure, it is the personal insecurity of programmers who have made it through a CS education and have put in the hours using C++ who want to preserve “programming clout” to their own group/self.

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