ATVs taking over the streets and neighborhoods of Nashville, illegally

…and although there are a hundred articles about it, no one seems interested in posing the “why?” question. No one in a single fucking article has even broached it. I mean… what? Is that not the very first, natural question on your mind? Well, um, why the fuck isn’t it?

Ordinarily, when a person uses a vehicle like a weapon against a cop, that person gets shot. I’m not understanding any of this story, either it’s origins or the puzzling ineptitude of law enforcement in the face of it. No one seems to be posing normal, natural questions about it. That’s a red flag in my mind that something is wrong, but until just one journalist asks the one right question and does their fucking job, I guess I’ll be the only one to notice it. I’m not? Then – again – wtf?

Seems like they have the legal right to gun them down if they are destroying property and endangering people. If the police can’t or won’t do what they ought, then the well-armed citizens of Nashville should take it as their duty to shoot these fuckers on sight. What? You gonna lose sleep over an out-of-control and dangerous wild animal being put down? Not. Me.

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