Bias in the news

Does no one think it strange that the mainstream (Liberal) news media still avoids articulating the facts surrounding the FISA warrant obtained to spy on Carter Page? Conservative-leaning outlets have been articulating the concerns for months – and we’re talking about concerns regarding matters which are factual and part of the public record. Being factual and part of the record, there is no actual justification for refusing to articulate the specifics of it all, apart from simply not wanting to generate “Brady Material”, or evidence that aids the opposition. But wait – the mainstream news outlets still want you to believe they are neutral, non-partisan, dispassionate, and objective. If they were all of that, they would simply articulate the facts regarding the FBI misleading the FISA warrant magistrate by withholding Brady Material that discounted the very document they used as a basis for the warrant. This is all on the record. I listened this morning, hoping NPR would break the information embargo, but when they brought up the subject of a GOP investigation into this thing, they managed to do a whole segment on it without ever articulating even as much as I have articulated here, and, in addition, they brought on a sympathetic expert to help them discount or deflect attention away from the nut of the thing.

Tell the truth or die in a fire. Either everyone in the NPR newsroom is a liar, or incompetent, or some mixture of the two, apparently. But this is the case at ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, etc…

Also, today, the same group managed to frame the intelligence reports referenced by the White House as justification for sending the aircraft carrier and bomber wing into the ME as misleading and in need of some applied skepticism. It’s strange to me that this wasn’t the response when the same intelligence community asserted to the news media (in the form of illegal leaks) that Trump colluded with Russia. Why skepticism in one case, and none at all in the other? Again, a fatal lack of self-honesty on the part of the people who are the “professionals”. Hiding the truth from yourself doesn’t hide it from other people, yo. I see you. You can have your bias, but own it. Don’t lie to yourself and everyone else, and then have the gall to complain that your viewers/listeners/readers are losing faith in your whole profession because of demagogues. You ARE the demagogues, and your assumed moral superiority is obvious, but not justified.

But I digress. The concerns about the FBI being manned by unelected officials who fancy themselves Tha Guardian Class who may even undo the results of an election, such is their natural moral superiority, is a legit concern, and everyone should share it. It is nothing more or less than Warrior Culture Corruption with a white collar on it. Warrior Culture Corruption, or WCC, for short, is a really tough problem when it emerges in law enforcement forces, but we usually associate it with cops on the beat rather than federal employees of prestigious institutions. Yeah, there’s a lot of bullshit going on in this area of our culture that we never seem to be honest or mature enough to sort out. A shorthand that works for me is, if you’re dealing with a profession that adorns itself with words like “honor” and “service”, you’re already dealing with cultures set up to indulge some of the most needful of recognition for just being Good Boys and Girls (thumotic) among us, apart from performers and politicians. When you have a culture that thinks of itself as set apart and special, well, then you get a culture that thinks it is set apart and special. Funny how those one thing go together, huh?

How else would one explain the mass reluctance on the part of the American news media to simply articulate the charges that have been leveled against Comey, et al? If it is neither incompetence nor dishonesty, then what is it? You know, I’m not trapped in a binary worldview. At all. Binarism is a reflex toward simplification that we lean on far too often, early in life, perhaps prior to higher education. On the other hand, some propositions simply are binary. True/false, black/white, you get the picture. If there is an alternative explanation for the embargo on articulating the specific charges alleged by the GOP and getting into those weeds, I have not seen it. Obviously, I get my news from a lot of different sources.

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