Build the 3rd Temple AND annex Palestinian territories. Do it.

It’s the only fucking way to actually give Palestinians back some power. Make their ghetto, no-man’s-land a part of Israel proper, and then give them voting rights they never had, before, as a consequence.

That’s the actual gambit. It’s meant to dazzle and explode the brains of idiotic and/or opportunistic Jews who break the law cuz “Gawd told me it’s mine.” Give them EXACTLY what they want, and correctly calculate that, even if they see what the logical implications are for the actual improvement in the situation of Palestinians over time through civic engagement, they cannot not take the bait. They can’t not do it. They’ve been fighting to do it for years and years and years and that train won’t be turned around.

Welp, their book does say “by way of deception”, and so it is. And the 3rd Temple? NOT having it is the only thing that empowers pre-tribulation Christian horseshit. Pre-tribulation interpretation of the Bible is erroneous theology, but holy shit, there’s also no stopping that train. All you can do is pull the trigger on their End Times machine and watch as absolutely nothing happens. What could they possibly do about it, then? Well, like the Jewish settlers, nothing.

It is the only way to end this stupidity. Pull the trigger on it and watch as hilarity ensues, and not supernatural warfare.

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