Health care for all

They say that it could cost 30 trillion dollars to provide basic health care for free to all American citizens. They also say that the health care system we have will cost us 50 trillion, but I’m not canny enough on the numbers and nuances to make sense of the matter that way.

My question is whether you, personally, are willing to stand up and say, “You are not my kin, or friend, and I don’t mind that sickness, privation, and early death await you if I even suspect that my own way of life or creature comforts are threatened to any degree, or indeed, even if I suspect as much without any real understanding of what costs or benefits may actually accrue to me and mine personally from such a change to the status quo.”

You pretty much have to be a total douchebag to hold that position, and it’s also fairly transparently douchey. Inhuman, actually. But this is the position you pretty much must be holding, America. It’s just logical consequence. It’s what precipitates out of the collective behavior; manifest.

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