How Middle-Class, White-Collar Professionals Became Disposable And Discarded

If you’d like to read an article with such an asinine title, go here:

I’m just referencing to say, “Good.” They did “everything they were supposed to do according to social norms”. I have no sympathy for that, whatsoever. Those norms are designed to weed out those whom the Good Boys and Girls would like to think are beneath them. So fuck you all. Your participation in a system designed to discard as many Americans as possible does not make you a hero. Yeah, I know. You only did all of those things because you were indoctrinated at a young age into believing that being obedient and following those norms was the way to deserve love, or apparently, the right to live. So, again, fuck you all. I hope you lose it all. You were never better than blue-collar workers anywhere, or anyone at all for that matter. You managed to get away with a gross, exclusionary, self-aggrandizing fantasy for most of your lives, and now I’m supposed to feel badly for you because your bubble popped and the measures you endorsed against others was turned on you? Did I mention fuck you? Well, fuck you, then.

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