Humans are not infinitely malleable

It’s no good to sit on your little perch and say “people shouldn’t be bigots”. That’s exactly as useful as saying “It shouldn’t rain.” Humans are human animals. You think you are above it? I’m sure I could show you at least five ways in which you currently think and behave reflexively, irrationally, like the animal that you are. We reach for the comfort of categories under stress, and one of the first is “people like X do things like this”. No, honey. And no, just because a person looks like you, wears your clothes, and shares your labels, does not mean they think and feel as you do, or that either you or they are incapable of shocking behavior. The whole point of all the labels and abstractions is to create a layer of insulation between your psychology and emotions and the facts that trouble them. For example, we are capable of murder. Any of us. Lie to yourself to make yourself feel better, and escape the harsh light of truth. But know that some of us aren’t as weak and will not hide from the truth. When you find that your prescriptions are met with resistance from the likes of me, it will be because you are unable to think clearly, desperate as you are to maintain the delusions that preserve your sense of safety.

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