I went to Chichen Itza years ago. It’s a fake, and apparently that’s kind of an open secret.

Our tour guide, George, was himself of Mayan descent, and an indigenous person who earned enough money whilst on the reservation on the Yucatan Peninsula to buy himself a proper Mexican Social Security number and status as a real human being, and not merely an animal, which is how the indigenous Mayans are treated by the Mexican authorities.

He explained to us that do-good German society people and the Church pretty much cobbled together many of the “ruins”, and his facts are accurate. Even according to orthodoxy, the pyramid was “discovered” by a German architect, who paid the natives to bear him on a litter through the jungle, where he found “the site of a torn down pyramid”, where not one stone stood atop another. The German architect proceeded to “rebuild” the pyramid with the “available stones” to its “original form”. That’s a convoluted way of saying he made it up and had the training to build a pyramid, anyway, as an architect. You have to kind of be an asshat to not be able to extrapolate that. I’ll chalk it up to gullibility and motivated reasoning, but mostly it’s due to the fact that the authorities lie you to directly about it, to this day.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Go there, yourself, visit the Pok-ta-pok court and the stellae, where a fanciful carving suggest that people from all over the world, including Europeans in suits of armor (!) came to watch the famous ball game. Uh huh. It’s an open secret. It’s right there, and apparently rude to “take it away from them”. I think that’s horseshit. They are stone-age people, just like indigenous folk all over the world, and they already have dignity, unless you think they don’t and thus you need to make up a back-story for them. But if you do think that, then you don’t really see their dignity, but seek to cover up what you perceive as shame. Man, fuck you all for being so stupid and shallow. How many other “historic” sites, the world over, “discovered” by the Church, are merely inventions?

Tell the truth or die in a fucking fire.

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