I am a blue-collar worker whose own bottom line is directly impacted by competition from immigrants who are willing to work for less than a livable wage, for skilled work that is already undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid.

The Democrats and Republicans work hand-in-glove to maintain a gridlock that curiously allows in immigrants but disallows them any leverage to increase the rates of pay for the kinds of services they fill. That’s the real story, and you all refuse to attend to it, the way you refuse to attend to truth, generally.

So, yes, I resent that illegal immigration has cut into my rate of pay for decades, but I would gladly accept them as equals and rivals in the space if they were given full citizenship status and not some kind of delicate, exploitable status. THAT’S the goddamn truth no one wants to see, because it means you all have to face paying more for the produce and services you have taken for granted for so long, living lies, as you do.

The cost of farm work and construction has been kept down artificially for about as long as your willingness to avoid acknowledging it could last, bourgeois America. It’s not that no one is willing to do those jobs. It’s that no one who isn’t in a precarious citizenship situation can be exploited the way your illegal immigrants can be. If you cannot see this and say it out loud, then you don’t tell the truth.

I’m of a mind lately of dehumanizing liars and moralists, but then I realize that I’m always going to be vulnerable to the same charge, and it leaves me in exactly the same place, either way – alienated. I have seen the enemy and we is it.

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