It wasn’t antisemitic. Not a single “reputable” journalist could push back on this narrative?

After WWII, many Jews in America did endorse Israel as a nation and looked at it as a hedge against another holocaust. Yes, naturally, any American Jew could feel this way. I used the weasel-word “many” because I mean an indeterminate number, because I don’t know how many. If anyone said that all American Jews who support Israel have a dual allegiance, that would be an absurdly categorical statement. Likewise, it would be equally absurd to say that no American Jews who support Israel do indeed feel a dual allegiance, even if they also support Israel as a matter of practical American foreign policy. All these things are true. But you won’t hear that bald truth spoken in places ruled by fear and ignorance – like the newsroom. Or, for that matter, Congress.

All day long, on all of the news outlets, the word used was “trope”. Ask anyone using that word to choose other words to redescribe their problem and they will tip their hand in some way, exposing a thick ideological basis or just as bad, a tribal one. Remember USAF Col. Wilkerson who rushed Comey to Ashcroft’s bedside? He’s been a liberal media darling for years, and he has said, about the Isreal political lobby, exactly the same thing that Omar said. Because there is some truth in it. To completely toss nuance and realpolitik, meaning honesty, doesn’t endear me to the journalistic profession. Tell the truth, or die in a fire.

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