James Gunn reinstated to helm Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Told you so, bitches. Feckless, fearful execs stepped on their dicks trying to separate from Gunn, but they received blowback from cast members (ones with character, similarly unencumbered by the fear of being politically incorrect), fans, and anyone with any fucking sense. They never talked to anyone else about the job. They probably knew right away they would have to hire him back if they wanted to wring more money out of that franchise. They waited until the heat was focused elsewhere, then did what they had to do. I told you so, but more importantly, what is right never actually goes out of style, and it was never right to fire him. I’m glad. Guardians 2 was a genuine work of art masquerading as a mere pop-culture bauble.

Don’t be afraid to stand up to the Morality Police. Gunn didn’t stand up for himself, but he did make a great movie. That means I respect him as a movie-maker and not so much as a man, but I’ll still call this a win. Go ahead and hate Disney’s decision. I can’t enjoy it properly if you don’t hate them for it.

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