Lil’ Dicky’s “Earth”, Corey Booker’s “Unity”

It’s so sad that it’s funny. The, uh, smash-hit “Earth” says nothing. Nothing at all. Essentially it tries very hard to say one thing that everyone can agree upon, but if you look closely, no one even agrees with all of the messages in it. “Germany, we forgive you”? I mean, what? Oh, did Germany need forgiving? Who is “we” who are doing the forgiving? On whose authority? What the fuck are you even talking about? Oh, I see. You love the earth. Well, good for you, everybody. Maybe next year we can all rally around I Like A Good Bowel Movement or something else that is so universally acceptable that to say it is to say nothing at all.

Corey Booker’s message of love and rising above acrimony and tribe isn’t taking. Sorry, Corey. You picked a party, now you’re stuck with a whole group of people who don’t really stand FOR anything so much as their own political ascendance, but rather focus on what they are against. You can’t fix that. They are where they are, and you can’t make people grow up or stop projecting and externalizing their own insecurities and unexamined emotional and psychological bugaboos – the motivation for their activism.

We’re not that complicated. We seem to just find it very, very difficult to allow ourselves to see what is only obvious. Ignorance is not bliss, however. I mean, unless bliss looks like unrelenting tribal, political anger.

I don’t think our species is ready, at the level of distributed, species-wide intelligence, to let us fix any of this, though. It is the one who is in control, and I don’t call it god, because I am an atheist and hold no belief in the supernatural. We evolved to vie and fight and strive, and as ugly as all of this is? It’s really about as good as it is ever going to get for this species. Meaning that if we tame our wildness and overcome being language-bound and tribal, we will no longer really be the same animal, anymore.

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