Parkland families applaud arrest of school officer: “This is the only thing we have wanted”

Ffs, people. There is one person to blame for your child’s death. Nikolas Cruz. This is wrong-headed. The man may have had no business being an armed law officer. My guess is that is why he was assigned to a school in the first place. Trying to put him in jail is just one of those examples of human beings being unable to stop generating suffering. Each parent pinning their sorrow on him is pitiful and misguided, and the “professionals” entertaining this for political/career gain are even worse for being happy to oblige the parents, whose brokenness and error are at least understandable. The prosecutor is a piece of shit for making this happen and for indulging the worst of everything. There truly are no adults in the world. You cannot trust the human beings in the criminal justice system to do the right thing. Ever.

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