Partisans are idiots.

There are no Good People. The best you can hope for is to develop the courage to look inward and become familiar with your own consciousness and how your mind operates, reflexively. If you do that, you can develop a “monitoring circuit” that keeps an eye on your more negative mental habits, and that, in turn, may offer you the chance to do better than you would otherwise do when confronted with triggering stimulus. That means “the war” is actually going on inside of each autonomous individual, and that war is equivalent to growth and adaptation of the self. By contrast, the undeveloped individuals refuse to acknowledge and grapple with their shadow selves, and are stuck projecting all negative traits and motivations onto the Other. That’s why it doesn’t actually matter what country you are in, or what moment you are in. You will find people dividing into tribes because they are undeveloped; inferior. If you are looking for the causes for our division, they are baked into our biology. Any exploration of the root causes of political division will inevitably lead to the failures of the more numerous, less developed individuals, projecting all that is bad or painful onto the Other, and reserving all insight and noble intentions to themselves.

I’d love to sow the utter confusion of a new, political party and call it the Integrated Party, wherein the members all accept that the artificial dichotomy of “Left and Right” is pretty much useless except for the purposes of the reflexive Othering. The Integrated Party would be the party of those whose cognitive ability and conscientiousness inform them that they are not essentially different from anyone else and thus all petty politicking which isn’t solution-focused is beneath contempt.

My hypothetical, new party’s mantra would be “You can’t have integrity if you aren’t integrated.” And we’d make it an explicit goal to help others to understand that the question is “What do you want?” If you want actual positive change, we’ll help you to see that. If all you want is to project onto others, for the sake of an emotional purgative, we’ll help you to see that, too. I don’t mind helping you learn to hate yourself.

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