Pompeo rejects legal claim by ISIS wife: ‘She’s a non-citizen terrorist — she’s not coming back’

Honest to Pete, what kind of piece of shit is this? She calls for the death of Americans, she joins confirmed murderers who release videos of their handiwork – meaning objective, empirical evidence of their brutality – and can’t wait to move in with them, be passed around from piece of shit to piece of shit, birthing little babies sired by those pieces of shit, and then the bottom falls out. Turns out her beliefs and behaviors were just more shit. So much shit. And now? Now she wants to come and live in the place she wanted to see burned down? She can die in a fucking fire, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a good man, and I don’t give a shit about that, or your approval. She can die in a fire, and if you are like her, then so can you.

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