Psychological realism and realpolitik as heuristic for no bullshit

That’s pretty much where I am, currently, and it brings no comfort at all. Perversely, it satisfies my need to find a frame or prism through which to objectively and empirically demonstrate where we’ve gone wrong, and the implications for how to go right are entirely obvious, but entirely unacceptable by everyone, universally, which is how I know that I’ve stumbled upon truth.

I’ve discovered that mainstream news media and wonk factory, whose stock and trade is credibility and insider insights, cannot abide incorporation of what we’ve learned, scientifically, and even philosophically, into analyses of subsequent incoming reports and analyses. They cannot go meta. They cannot be psychologically realistic about the news they report AND be politically sensitive, partisan, or opportunistic at the same time. Only the media analyzes itself. Anyone know that a doctor who diagnoses and treats himself has a schmuck for a patient.

The mainstream media cannot, for structural and practical reasons, be honest about itself in light of ulterior motives experienced by all human beings, which is only psychologically realistic. Anything follows from a falsehood, then, according to logic.

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