Roger Waters just never got over his need for approval and affirmation, I guess

We know that for every talented musician who makes it, 50 more who are just as good do not, and for a variety of reasons. The thing that pushes a Roger Waters or a Beyonce to work harder and go further is that unfillable hole; that bottomless pit of need for constant, never-ending approval and affirmation from strangers. It’s pitiful, and if you could see that need for what it is, and be rid of it yourself, you’d be morally disgusted by how people wear it on their faces like it’s a goddamn virtue. Waters has been on a non-stop tear, trying to play a concert at the US/Mexico border, interfering with a Pink Floyd cover band that played in Israel, and now he’s publicly standing with Maduro, trying to insinuate himself – desperately – into some kind of media situation that will give him global attention. Good lord, I’ll bet he’s hard to be around for longer than 5 minutes. It’s pitiful. It means that decades of fame and money has brought him no closer to looking inward and reconciling himself to himself and the world. Perhaps all of that fame and money thwarted any effort in that direction he may have initiated. Oh well. Life is a mirror, innit?

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