The Christchurch Massacre

Update: I was just flat wrong about those weapons already being banned in New Zealand, and went off half-cocked about it. The thing about it is, if you ignore how the shooters weapons looked, but focused on how they operated, then you’d find that they are no more deadly than the long guns you can purchase at Walmart. They just look mean. A certain kind of person is interested in that for the same reason they are interested in a truck front-end that “looks mean”, etc. Insecurity. It’s fucking everywhere. The discomfort of having to accept that you don’t have power over others is a particularly ugly form of insecurity, but it’s the one that animates the highly-political and the partisan.

Apparently, the gunman also posted “Subscribe to PewDiePie” before taking off to kill Muslim “invaders”. Pretty much exactly what I thought the irrational attraction to PewDiePie was and still is – the wordless, idiotic, reflexive call of biology on a mind that doesn’t have much else going on by way of agency. Only an idiot is “proud” of being white, or anything else they had no power or control over. You don’t find identity by matching your skin tone to others, or your religion. That’s pure weakness, because it’s using the same thoughtless, and again – reflexive – low-level motivations that are completely unexamined and lazy. No, if you think you are a proponent of Western Culture, then what you fight for is Individualism. That means you are a race of one. A religion of one. Your identity isn’t based on things that you had no hand in. Most people are idiots, and we are all insecure. It’s the insecurity that drives us to gather into groups and then make ideological statements of shared identity, and we do that to fool ourselves into feeling more comfortable and less insecure around strangers, since, after all, they wear the same shared identity, right? They must be just like you, right? Idiots. Self-knowledge is really valuable because it keeps you from going off the rails into this particular kind of stupidity. If you don’t value and work toward Individualism, which is nothing more than individual development, period, then you will forever potentially be a tool in the hands of others who can use your failure to develop as an individual like a little handle on your head, turning it this way and that.

Oh, by the way, guns are banned in Australia and New Zealand. That means this is exactly one of those cases that proves that bad actors will find a way to get guns, and in this case, there were no Good Guys With Guns to respond in time to the shooter. If your politics make this too difficult a truth for you, then good! Error always stings before it lets you go. This happened in a country which has all of the gun restrictions you could want in place. Just pause over it and let it sink in, because this is truth. It’s phenomenal and real, and not an exercise in abstraction.

And, by the way, AOC apparently is just a craven, batshit harpy in search of power, which is exactly what she looks and sounds like. “What use are thoughts and prayers?” Well, what use is banning guns, honey?

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