The logical implications of the Samantha Josephson murder

For those of you who have missed the developing story, a USC student called for an Uber, then climbed into a car that she thought was there for her. A few moments after she departed, her actual Uber showed up, waited a while, then left, again.

Josephson climbed into a car being driven by Nathaniel David Rowland, a 24-year-old man. Rowland apparently thought it was his lucky day, as he engaged his child locks and drove away to some place where he killed the young woman. Probably raped her, first, but I don’t know that.

The horrible legacy of this case is that it kind of makes a lie of the idea that most people are Good People, and there are few Bad People among us, responsible for most of the Bad Things. What are the odds that if you climb into the wrong car, it’s going to be owned by a psychopathic killer who wants to kill you? Well, apparently better odds than I would have thought.

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