To my African-American fellow citizens

I only have a small set of messages, and I like to make them provocative. It just so happens that one of those messages is about our human origins, and it could be possible that one of you might read something I have written and determine that I might be some kind of racist, because I harp on things like our Neanderthal hybrid heritage, the gap in human scientific nomenclature, and my understanding of the state of the science on how the history and the paleontology and genetic science all talk to one another. I’m a house painter, and not an academic, so it is always possible that my awareness of the state of the science is behind the curve.

I don’t think I am a racist or harbor any grudges against any particular ethnic group, but I’m open to working on it. My point is that I am here to sting everyone equally, but I would rather not hurt anyone unnecessarily, and especially if it was due to a misunderstanding.

I speak in the most stark, but factual, terms that I feel I can ethically get away with, if given a fair hearing. Such is my trust in my ability to articulate my defense.

Having said all of that, my message to African-Americans, and I mean specifically those whose families have been here for a while, you might look and talk differently than me, but you are statistically likely to be only 80% or so “pure” sub-Saharan African, and that means you are, statistically speaking, likely to be infected with either the D-allele, or Neanderthal genes, or both. Just like me. And that is “the thing”. Not the skin color. That makes you more my cousins than my ancestors. And that is almost the sum total of my thoughts on race in America, vis a vis Black and White.

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