WTF, Missouri et al?

It is a fact that the lowest abortion rates are found in the countries with the most liberal abortion policies. It is also a fact that the highest abortion rates are found in places with the strictest, most conservative abortion laws. That correlation is pretty strong. It only follows that if you wanted to lower abortion rates, you would liberalize abortion laws. It’s not hard. Your kids are smart enough to see it. That means the fight is about something else. The disconnect is a product of a population not committed in any significant way to self-knowledge or truth-orientation. Fact-orientation, if you prefer.

What makes it so goddamn frustrating is that the claim that personhood begins at conception is based on ideology, and not truth. The ideology comes from people who call themselves Christian, and who have the temerity to say that their moral instruction is Christian, and that this is the Lord’s Work, stopping abortions.

Look. I am an atheist Christian. Not the one to tell anyone how to live, but certainly willing to tell you what I think is true. What is true, as far as I can see, is ignorance fostered by churches sowing rot with bad theology and ignorance to support their all too human concerns.

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