You can’t handle a Star Trek world

Our central human tragedy is the ability to imagine a better way to live together but never seem to be able to manifest it in reality.

Aliens? From different parts of the galaxy? Working together toward a common good? Goddammit, man. Human social insecurity is our enemy. Solve the need for upwardly mobile, educated, obedient people to imagine themselves so distant from, well, folks like me, and you solve the same set of needs that makes ethnic and religious identity so ridiculously knotted. It’s all fraught with lack of self-awareness, specifically of how we aren’t bad people for feeling the need to protect ourselves, but we can protect ourselves and live with greater openness and tolerance. People are so loss-averse and neurotic that they grab what ever grievance stream is available; already established as a rhetorical weapon. Identity politics are just ready-to-hand. Underneath the different forms, fear, anxiety, ignorance, and perhaps even biological propensity.

For we know that the emotional disposition comes first, and then the mind back-fills with rationalization. Ergo, if you come with a story of oppression, you first felt oppressed, then constructed a rhetoric for justifying your emotional and cognitive predisposition. If you immediately identify with victim, the oppressed, the less rich, the less beautiful, in every text, it eventually, perhaps only after a lifetime of reflection, becomes clear that everything contains its opposite and life is a mirror.

The original Hebrew OT, or so I have heard, was written as an unbroken string of consonants and no vowels, no punctuation. Anyone familiar with Jewish numerology would be familiar with this, and possibly with the understanding that when a string of characters can mean more than one thing, what you read into them reflects what is inside of you.

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