You know, it may be the case that civil war in the United States is inevitable.

I am astonished by how few Americans seem to understand the philosophical and historical trajectory that Western Civilization has been on, at large, and how it is not an error than needs amending, or an academic bias of some kind.

Let me shorthand it for you. Science and Individualism. We are going to have them both, and we’re not fucking skimping on the Individualism part. I don’t know of any other issue that would enlist me in such a war but this one. We’re not going to be China. We’re not going to suppress Individualism, and we are not going to harm individual sovereignty.

You are the highest authority on what is right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. Truly let that sink in and, if you have any imagination or character, it may also be terrifying to contemplate the horrible consequences. To wit, you have to grant such authority to others, as well, and not use some mythical, objective moral leaderboard to track the relative righteousness of people, according to your own fears and moral disgusts. You own them. You keep them. This is how it is going to be.

Intellectual autonomy and freedom of speech are non-negotiable, get-shot-in-the-face-for-it terms for living peacefully with one another moving forward. Hope you all are cool with that, because that’s what you’re getting. Even your ideology of no prejudice (with which I agree) is still just another ideology. We agree intersubjectively, but our shared moral bias is still merely subjective. And our agreement is merely political. It will never be the case that there is an objective morality to which you just happen to be subscribed. The law won’t agree (except for “Hate Crime”, which is an abomination), and a romp through the history of Western Civilization won’t bear it out, either. The last time we subscribed to an objective morality, and its corresponding moral leaderboard, it was the Church and they were still burning people at the stake. No prince owns me, and the State is not my parent. There is no higher moral authority than me for me, and there isn’t one higher for you than you.

If you are an American, get hip to these facts. Online offerings from the likes of Yale, UCLA or MIT and more are abundant, and authoritative sources. Use them.

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